Director:Vagelis Zouglos Sound Designer-Mixer:Ioannis Giannakopoulos Film Synopsis «Safe in the shelter of the herd, we march through the streets of the cities, to our work, to feeding troughs, to our pleasures. It’s like the narrowly confined life of the office. There are no longer any marvels, only regulations, prescriptions, directives». Franz Kafka Website: http://marnifilms.gr/en/portfolio/elephant-2014-2/ Trailer http://vimeo.com/99322162


Director:George Vassalos Sound Designer-Mixer:Ioannis Giannakopoulos Film Synopsis A woman walks alone in a dark alley. Victim. A dark figure moves in the shadows surrounding her. Perpetrator. Quick loud footsteps crossing a path, adrenaline is pumping. Chase. A common story with a pre decided ending. Or maybe not? Website: http://theshadowshortfilm.com/ Trailer http://vimeo.com/82531105


Director: Z. Papadopoulou,P. Papadopoulos  Sound Mixer:Ioannis Giannakopoulos Film Synopsis “Eight-minute Deadline” is a nerve-racking movie about people who straggle to catch up with their tight deadlines. We created a world where everyone is traveling alone on a unicycle, emphasizing the fact that life is imbalanced. The number eight symbolizes infinity. There is no beginning and no … Continue reading EIGHT-MINUTES DEADLINE


Director:Susita Gkana,Eric Coco Manolopoulos  Sound Designer:Ioannis Giannakopoulos Film Synopsis Bibi is a love story between two girls, a trapeze artist and an anarchist, developed in Athens during the current economic crisis. In their daily lives are being reflected the consequences of this crisis, that could unfold nowadays throughout all countries of southern Europe. Evictions, debts, … Continue reading BIBI


Director:Athanassios Vakalis Sound Designer-Mixer:Ioannis Giannakopoulos Film Synopsis The “Dinner For Few” story is a sociopolitical metaphor of the world as we know it today. The characters are both players and victims in a system that runs like a well-oiled machine, constantly feeding the ones that foolishly consume all the resources of the ecosystem, while others … Continue reading DINNER FOR FEW


Director:Babis Makridis Sound Designer:Ioannis Giannakopoulos Film Synopsis A Man lives in his car. He is 40 years old and although he does not have a lot of free time, when he has he chooses to spend it with his family. He meets his wife and two children at a specified day and time in car … Continue reading L


Director:Ektoras Lygizos Sound Mixer:Ioannis Giannakopoulos Film Synopsis A 22-year-old boy in Athens has no job, no money, no girlfriend and no food to eat, but he’s got a canary bird and a beautiful singing voice. When he finds himself withοut a home, he has to seek a shelter for his bird. And when the bird … Continue reading BOY EATING THE BIRD’S FOOD


Director:Lusin Dink Sound Designer-Mixer:Ioannis Giannakopoulos Film Synopsis The author William Saroyan, the child of an exiled Armenian family, was born in the United States in 1908. He always portrayed himself as an American and a Bitlis-tsi, an Armenian from the city of Bitlis in Turkey. In 1964 he made a long voyage in Anatolia, leading … Continue reading SAROYAN LAND


Director:Nicholas Triandafyllidis Sound Designer:Ioannis Giannakopoulos Film Synopsis An aged, prosperous and above any suspicion, bourgeois by the nickname ‘The Master’, lives isolated in a luxurious beachfront villa with his teenage daughter who he has kept well protected from the mischief of the outside world. Behind the façade of the vigorous art lover, however, he prospers … Continue reading THE SENTIMENTALISTS


Director:Athanasios Karanikolas ADR Recordist:Ioannis Giannakopoulos Film Synopsis Up in a spacious house on the hills of Marathon. A beautiful view of the Aegean Sea. This is where Nadja lives. Along with Stefanos, Evi and their daughter Iris. The four of them are close. They are family. Or so it seems. This is also where Nadja … Continue reading AT HOME


Director:Yannis Economides Sound Designer:Ioannis Giannakopoulos Film Synopsis At age 19, Stratos committed a crime of passion. He spent half his life in prison, where underground boss Leonidas took him under his wing. One day during a rival gang attack, Leonidas saved his life. Stratos never forgot this. A free man now, Stratos works the night … Continue reading STRATOS


Director:Muayad Alayan Sound Designer:Ioannis Giannakopoulos Film Synopsis Mousa gets into the trouble of his life when he steals the wrong car. What he thought was an Israeli car and an easy way to make money in his impoverished Palestinian refugee camp turns out to be a load of misfortune when he discovers a kidnapped Israeli … Continue reading LOVE,THEFT AND OTHER ENTANGLEMENTS


Director:Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya Sound Designer:Ioannis Giannakopoulos Trailer https://vimeo.com/138551460 Film Synopsis Jad is about to be released from jail for a crime his older brother Ziad committed five years ago, and Ziad has decided to quit dealing drugs and start a new chapter in life. However, Ziad’s best-laid plans are hindered by an unexpected turn of … Continue reading VERY BIG SHOT


Director:Fotini Siskopoulou – Credit: Sound Designer



Director:George Kordellas Sound Designer:Ioannis Giannakopoulos Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dJRTOv2_os